the trust layer for digital work

TalentLayer is a protocol network for storing and accessing verified work history and reviews


How do we know
who to trust
on the internet?

Each year more and more work and hiring happens online, but how we understand who to work with is stuck in the past.



Hirers & workers duplicate profiles on dozens of platforms, and still struggle to connect.



Worker profiles aren't trusted.
Resumes lie.
Linkedin reviews are fake.



Recruiters & platforms profiteer on hirers not knowing who to trust.

A new kind of reputation network 4 digital workers


TalentLayer is a protocol network for storing and accessing verified work history and reviews.

TalentLayer leverages blockchain to store review information in a user-owned way, and verify payments have been made between hirers and workers.

Meet , $TLT the native token of the TalentLayer protocol network

$TLT helps TalentLayer's work reputation ecosystem operate fairly by incentivizing network participants to be honest and to sort out fake reviews.


Earn rewards by building your reputation

Revyou is the easiest way to get verified client reviews as a freelancer, and earn rewards for building a reputation. Review is the flagship Social Fi app built on TalentLayer.


Social proof closes more deals!

When potential clients see that others have trusted you in the past with good results, they are more likely to work with you.


Charge higher rates and earn more income.

Freelancers that display a track record of success stories can charge up to 300% more than freelancers who don’t.


Earn $REP by building your reputation on Revyou!

$REP is the native reward token of the Revyou app. It's earned by receiving and giving reviews to people in your network.

Your reputation is your right !

TalentLayer helps you build a reputation that you own, forever.

Unlike building a reputation on freelance marketplaces, Linkedin, where these companies own the copyright to your reviews and sell your data for profit, YOU own your reputation on TalentLayer. We believe that ability to build a good reputation is a fundamental human right. That’s why we’re building.

TalentLayer scales reputation networks

With a good reputation in your city, country, or industry finding new work is easy.

The strongest reputation you have is with people you have worked with directly or people who know people you've worked with. These people can easily understand your work history, because they know you! Unfortunately, these sorts of reputations don't scale well beyond 2nd degree connections.

In the mid 2000s freelance platforms became the solution to this scaling problem. Freelancing and online work platforms have created powerful reputation networks that let people who've never met eachother trust one another. The platform itself becomes a verifier of your work history, because the platform controls all hiring that happens on it - this is why people trust the visible work history on your profile. But, because of how these platforms are designed, these reputations are also more vulnerable.

At the will of a company's internal policy change, a geography's new sanctions law, your work reputation can be destroyed. Since platforms know they own your most valuable asset (meaning it's hard for you to leave), they are incentivized to add new fees over time to extract value from you, knowing that you wont likley leave.

Because of these issues, over 80% of freelancers don't use platforms! As a result, their reputations are severley limited.

Is it possible to scale reputation past Dunbar's number without a middleman?

How can we prove without a doubt that work has been done, in a way that is universally recognized?

This is why we built TalentLayer. TalentLayer provides a verifiable record of who's done what for whom and what they think of it. In other words, it's your way to finally scale your reputation, without giving up your freedom or your earnings.

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